Three robot building kits to win: all you need to make your own robotic creatures

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The ‘N8 Robot kit’ developed by Multiplo, is a low-cost, Arduino software and open hardware kit with plenty of documentation and all the pieces needed to design and prototype your own fully-functional robots. Beginners with no experience can follow the tutorials and examples while more experienced users can create their own designs. Users can program with Arduino software but un-experienced programmers can also try with Minibloq, a really intuitive graphical programming environment that is fully compatible with Arduino.

Multiplo is based on a mathematical model that keeps each part compatible with the others. The basic principle is that all parts can be reproduced with simple tools. All C.A.D. files are available in a public repository for advanced users to design their own parts. All boards and sensors that come with the N8 Robot kit are simple to configure, their datasheets and blueprints can be downloaded and edited (under open source based license).

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