Three team for battery-free real-time IoT asset tracking

Three team for battery-free real-time IoT asset tracking

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By Nick Flaherty

Energous is teaming up with edge computing supplier Veea and energy harvesting IoT tag maker Wiliot for real-time asset tracking.

The Energous PowerBridge technology will be combined with the Wiliot IoT Pixel tags and Veea Edge Platform in a comprehensive wireless power ecosystem that reduces installation costs, lower latency, and improved bandwidth efficiency.

Asset tracking requires technologies that can uniquely identify items, from finished goods to raw materials, and offer real-time inventory insights. Implementing such comprehensive asset-tracking systems involves a concerted effort from various stakeholders, notably system component suppliers and integrators.

The combined technologies were demonstrated in a proof of concept at the AT&T Mexico Innovation Lab in Mexico City to demonstrate the potential of the IoT system.

Veea was formed in 2014 and is headquartered in New York City, with its engineering in Bath, UK, and Iselin, New Jersey. Its Smart Computing Hubs integrate a full range of connectivity options, application processing power and a full security stack to form an elastic edge computing platform with a dynamic connectivity and application mesh that can easily be deployed and centrally managed from the cloud. Veea Edge Services run across this application mesh to deliver secure remote access, IoT/IIoT/AIoT, and a wide range of smart applications.

The battery -free Wiliot IoT Pixel tags harvest RF energy to power its sensors and microcontroller, and integrates the Energous WattUp 1W active energy harvesting technology following a deal last year. Multiple IoT Pixels are simultaneously energized by the WattUp active energy harvesting transmitter, enabling them to transfer their data which is bridged through the Energous transmitters’ out-of-band communications channel for further distribution to the cloud.

“Driven by technological advancements in connectivity, data analytics, and new fields such as wireless power and AI/ML, the IoT industry is experiencing a significant paradigm shift. As data processing becomes more relevant, more and more customers are facing cost challenges due to the high quantity of data being generated, processed and stored,” said Cesar Johnston, CEO of Energous. “Our partnership with Veea is critical as we believe edge computing is key to addressing these growing challenges.”

“Improving inventory controls and speed to market for inventory fulfillment while reducing supply chain logistic complexity provides tremendous value for distribution centers, logistical providers and ultimately saves money for the end consumer,” says Mark Tubinis, Veea’s CCO. “With the explosive growth in manufacturing facilities and supply chain logistics, having successfully demonstrated the combined solution as part of AT&T Mexico’s Innovation Lab, Veea and Energous are positioned as leaders in Enterprise IoT solutions.”;;

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