TI claims lowest power NFC transceiver

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By eeNews Europe

The transceiver comes with configuration software and royalty-free stacks that are compatible across a broad range of ultra-low-power MSP microcontrollers. Additionally, developers are able to directly access all control registers, allowing for fine-tuning of various parameters for the highest performance in every application. 

The new TRF7970A builds on TI’s platform of RFID products by supporting peer-to-peer communication and card emulation in addition to reader/writer capability while maintaining pin-for-pin compatibility with the TRF7960.

Peer-to-peer communication continues to increase in popularity in applications including medical equipment, secure pairing and payments. This allows users to more easily take advantage of continuously evolving features and apps.

For example, NFC devices can configure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology sessions between devices without consumer interaction, share and interact with feature- and content- rich data such as coupons at point of sale, and allow consumer devices to easily exchange files and contacts.


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