Tianma’s wide viewing angle NLT TFT displays now at Distec

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By Julien Happich

For a start, Distec presents the NL192108AC18-02D, a full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) 15.6″ TFT display in a wide format. The display has a brightness of 400cd/m² and an excellent image quality thanks to SFT technology, symmetrical wide viewing angles from all directions, and a good contrast ratio. With a width of 363.80mm and a height of 215.90mm, the display has a depth of only 6.3mm. The backlight is specified with a long lifetime of nearly six years of continuous operation. The LED converter for driving the backlight is integrated into the panel. Its low power consumption of 13.9 watts enables 24/7 operation of the TFT display in closed, self-sufficient systems. The display is connected to all current systems via a 2ch LVDS interface. A version with eDP interface will be launched at the same time. Samples of the NL192108AC18-02D are available with short notice.

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