Time-of-Flight smart sensor provides accurate absolute distance measurements

Time-of-Flight smart sensor provides accurate absolute distance measurements

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OLIVIA is described as a complete intelligent system module with an integrated microprocessor, adaptive algorithms, advanced optics, ToF sensor and light source. OLIVIA can accurately measure distance up to two meters in normal lighting conditions and functions reliably with constant performance independent of an object’s reflectance, compared with other solutions that are only able to reach similar distances in lower lighting.

OLIVIA also claims to require 40% less power when ranging than alternate solutions. Heptagon continues to build on the company’s patented ‘phase modulation’ ToF pixel, which has best-in-class sensitivity and speed, as well as excellent background light rejection. This allows Heptagon’s distance-sensing modules to deliver superior measurement accuracy and precision.

Heptagon developed the OLIVIA 3DRanger for long distance ranging, low power, small size and ease of use. OLIVIA monitors the environmental ambient light, automatically adjusts exposure settings, and calculates the distance. The user simply reads the result through a standard I2C interface. OLIVIA is especially suitable as a camera AF assist system to enable fast auto focus lock for primary and front facing smartphone cameras, even in dim lighting conditions or video modes. It is complimentary and enhances the performance of traditional contrast autofocus as well as more recent phase detection auto focus systems embedded in image sensors (PDAF), which typically perform less ideal in low light conditions and video. For the front facing camera, OLIVIA can also be used as a proximity sensor.

OLIVIA provides accurate and repeatable absolute distance measurements and is Class 1 laser eye safe. The sensor comes in an ultra-small, thermally efficient package, which provides maximum integration flexibility, while embedded filters allow for lower-cost cover glass design. The sensor is standard reflow compatible; RoHS and REACH compliant.

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