Tiny FPGA interfaces any processor to MIPI interfaces

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Currently, the trend is to have more and more designs going mobile, with designers struggling to drive the new mobile interfaces with their legacy designs (or being limited in their choice of processor).
The small FPGA can be programmed to do the right data format conversions and make boards and displays plug-and-play. In the future, when the majority of processors support the latest MIPI interfaces, the same FPGA could find use in helping the latest processors communicate with legacy industrial monitors.

The family covers options from 640 to 6900 LUTs and is available in lower power E (1.2V core) version or C (3.3/2.5V core) versions for micro-watt power consumption in a wafer-level scale package as small as 2.5×2.5mm. The device’s high I/O count up to 325 I/Os suits its integration into systems with high-bandwidth and high-resolution requirements such as mobile consumer, industrial, servers and medical applications.

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