Tiny LED focuses on high-volume wearables market

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The PLW138003 is a white LED in a 1005 SMT package designed specifically for the demand for ever smaller LED components producing highly collimated light.

Plessey’s dotLEDs weighs 0.2 mg and has a profile of 0.2 mm which makes the device an industry-leading option for any wearable application with LED content.

The 1005-size of the PLW138003 (1.0 mm x 0.5 mm) is a standard electronic component size, handled by the common surface-mount machines used in high volume consumer electronics. The Plessey dotLED is 0.2 mm in height and designed specifically for applications that demand low profile electronic components.

The PLW138003 is first product in Plessey’s dotLED family and delivers up to 0.7 lm of white light with a 130 degree viewing angle from a 5 mA drive current.

A blue version, the PLB138003 is also available. Further additions to the dotLED family will be colour variants and a series in the larger 1608 footprint.

Plessey also provides a range of blue LED die for customers needing a further breakthrough in size with the PLB030003 ultra-thin die which is just 200 um x 200 um x 7 5um.

Plessey’s LEDs are produced using the company’s proprietary MaGICtechnology. By using standard silicon semiconductor production techniques, Plessey is able to produce high-volume high-quality industry standard LEDs that are demanded in the consumer electronics market. The 1005-size dotLEDs are the latest product family to be released using the technology.

The PLW138003 is suitable for a variety of applications including wearable devices; decoration lighting; instrument panel backlighting; illumination symbols and miniature dot-matrix displays.

Dr. Jose Lopez, Plessey’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: "The dotLED family addresses the LED market’s exacting optical, mechanical and cost requirements where small is beautiful."

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