TI’s STEM support for classroom engineering; the TI-Innovator Hub

TI’s STEM support for classroom engineering; the TI-Innovator Hub

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By Graham Prophet

The TI-Innovator Hub is a palm-sized box with a built-in microcontroller, that plugs into the graphing calculator many middle and high school students already own, a TI-84 Plus CE or a TI-Nspire CX, and allows them to analyze and explain the world around them. It was created using the TI LaunchPad Board, the same technology used by engineers around the world to design cutting-edge products from smart watches to 3-D printers. For example, students can start by learning to write a program to play a single note, and then put together sounds at different frequencies to play a song.

TI has a multi-media product introduction page with video clips that further explain the concept, that you can find here.


“The TI-Innovator allows students to get hands-on with technology and not even realize they are learning important STEM principles, like coding, that they need to be successful in the classroom today, in college tomorrow and in their careers in the future,” said Peter Balyta, Ph.D., president of TI Education Technology. “The opportunities for exploration are endless; students’ imaginations are their only limits.”


The TI-Innovator was built specifically for use in the classroom and is enclosed in a durable case to protect against knocks and drops. One system can be shared among several students.


Learn more about the TI-Innovator Hub


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