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Measuring 116x30x100mm, the Stingray multi-function instrument (DS60M10) is powered from USB and needs no external power supply. It combines the functions of oscilloscope, data logger, spectrum analyser, frequency meter and voltage meter functions in a single instrument. With simultaneous 10/8-bit sampling on two channels and a native sampling rate of 60MHz for the oscilloscope, the unit also runs as a data logger up to 1K samples with sophisticated hardware triggering.

The DS60M10 oscilloscope also has a 3rd channel which can be an external trigger input. The ES-DLA-16 single channel logic analyser combines the functions of RAW, Run Length Encoding, internal and external clock and 16 channels into one unit. Maximum sampling rate is 60MHz or 4-bit RAW with an external clock input. It features a search function, zoom in, zoom out and full view display. The unit comes complete with an attractive enclosure with rubberized mouldings, portable carry case, one USB cable and two testing cables/probes.

The HP3060 oscilloscope probes feature an input bandwidth of 60MHz and come with a full set of clips and accessories. Input impedance is 1Mohm in x1 mode and 10Mohm in x10 mode.

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