TOF modules and imager chips for non-contact sensors

TOF modules and imager chips for non-contact sensors
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With TOF modules and the Espros epc6xy imager chips, intelligent, non-contact sensors can be implemented for a wide variety of applications.
By Julien Happich


The spread of bacteria and viruses is largely done by hands. The dangerous pathogens stick to every- day things such as door handles, light switches and toilet flushes. Handles and buttons on a wide variety of devices and installations thus become virus spreaders! The perfect solution for public transport, for doctor’s surgeries, hospitals, restaurants or even the food processing industry offer touch-free buttons and switches. Even if the hands are busy carrying objects, approaching the switch is enough to trigger a function such as opening a door. In addition to avoiding skin contact with the switching element, various functions can even be simplified. While Espros does not produce disinfectants or protective clothing, the company can certainly help prevent or manage pandemics such as the current corona crisis.

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