Toolkit tracks driver behavior during test rides

Toolkit tracks driver behavior during test rides

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The VTK contains a computer, designed to interface with automotive-specific data bus systems; two microphones; four USB video cameras; a CAN interface card from PEAK systems and software programs D-Lab Audio Professional, Video Essential and CAN Bus Essential. The software is using specific eye tracking markers that allow test engineers to monitor the driver’s attentiveness, effectively enabling the designers to analyse the effect of driver assistance systems to the driver’s attendance and behavior.


During the test that typically takes place under real-world driving conditions, the behavior of driver and vehicle in live traffic is monitored. During the test, the driver wears the Dikablis eye-tracking glasses. The VTK collects and stores raw data; it is possible to add further data sources for the test. For instance, physiological data from the driver and technical measurements from the car can be included into the test records. The data then are processed by means of the D-Lab software; its scripting capabilities help test designers to speed the evaluation of these data.

The VTK is portable and can be integrated quickly into the vehicle under test. Integrated into a heavy-duty industrial casing, it will be fastened on the rear seat of the vehicle for the test.

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Here is a video illustrating a vehicle test with the VTK at Ergoneers customer P3 Group:

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