Top 20 news articles on eeNews Europe in 2017

Top 20 news articles on eeNews Europe in 2017
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Which news and analysis articles from 2017 were the most read on eeNews Europe during the course of the year?
By Peter Clarke


Below is a top 20 list complementary to a similar list compiled for eeNews Analog (see Top 20 news articles on eeNews Analog in 2017), eeNews Automotive (see This was 2017 in automotive electronics) and eeNews Power (see Top power news in 2017).

In reverse order:

20.       DRAM prices to march higher in 2017

19.       Qualcomm must raise offer or abandon pursuit of NXP

18.       Apple dumping Imagination’s GPUs

17.       Ericsson may cut 14,000 jobs, says report

16.       FPGA startup wins funds from Xilinx, Samsung

Next: From Eindhoven to Princeton

15.       NXP holds pole position in automotive semiconductor ranking

14.       Wafer-level micro-LED matrix delivers high brightness at 2540dpi

13.       Crossbar ReRAM in production at SMIC

12.       Liquid metal battery may solve renewable energy storage problem

11.       Princeton finds bugs in RISC-V architecture

Next: From Apple to EUV

10.       How Apple will dodge an Imagination lawsuit

9.         Why ARM wants to do more

8.         Spectrometer-on-a-chip slim enough for smartphones

7.         Run Raspberry Pi on solar energy

6.         Globalfoundries says EUV in production in 2019

Next: From RISC-V to Dresden

5.         Leveraging RISC-V for AI and Machine Learning

4.         Apple hires group of UK GPU engineers

3.         ARM’s soft launch for machine learning library

2.         iPhone X chip shows problems of Imagination

And at number one:

1.         Bosch to build new semiconductor fab in Dresden


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