In reverse order:

20 TSMC U-turn; considers building German, Japanese wafer fabs

19 Expanding chip production in US, Europe is unrealistic, says TSMC chair

18 European 2nm project includes no chip companies

17 Micron turns its back on 3D-Xpoint, puts fab up for sale

16 Globalfoundries moves towards next Dresden wafer fab

Next: From the fabulous fabless to semiconductor shortage

15 Nvidia, AMD are winners in fabless ranking

14 Newport Wafer Fab seeks funds for capacity expansion

13 STMicroelectronics’ analog, MEMS leader to be CEO of Ferrari

12 Five things you want your DMM to support in 2021

11 Chip shortages by product type show situation getting worse

Next: From silicon-carbide to China turbulence

10 Infineon ‘cold-split’ SiC ready for production

9 Reports: ARM China makes independent move in autonomous driving

8 Report: Chipmakers raising prices 10 to 20 percent

7 Report: Fake chips flood in to exploit supply shortage

6 IC industry driving possible China takeover of Taiwan

Next: From German investment to Korean shopping

5 Germany ready to help Europe invest ‘billions’ in chip manufacturing

4 Infineon offers to build 300mm wafer fab in Dresden

3 Analog, MEMS and Sensor startups to follow in 2021

2 Akida spiking neural processor could head to FDSOI

And drum roll . . .

1 Reports: NXP, Infineon top Samsung’s shopping list


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