Top articles in July on eeNews Europe

Top articles in July on eeNews Europe

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By Nick Flaherty

Horizon European, the collapse of the latest room temperature superconductor materials, China and running container software on a Raspberry Pi were all among the top articles in July on eeNews Europe.

Whether the UK will moves to rejoin the Horizon Europe R&D programme remains up in the air after negotiations completed. At the same time imec in Belgium has received $1.5bn for its process development line and is working on the next generation of CFET transistors.

UK set to rejoin Horizon Europe alongside New Zealand

Sunak dithers on Horizon Europe

imec looks to process flow for sub-nm stacked CFET transistors

IMEC to receive €1.5 billion for clean room expansion

Cars are too complex, says the CTO of Stellantis as the company buys €10bn of chips

Cars are too complex says Stellantis CTO, cuts number of chips

Stellantis orders €10 billion of automotive chips

Raspberry Pi boost with Docker-based PLC edge software

Broadcom to invest in Spanish chip program

The China trade war continues to be a key area, impacting on printed circuit boards, materials such as gallium and Intel’s purchase of Tower Semiconductor.

China squeezes the West’s access to gallium, germanium

European Chips Act ignores dependence on China for PCBs

Intel’s CEO makes trip to see Chinese regulator over Tower

Early publication of a Korean paper last week that promised a material that is a superconductor at room temperature and pressure generated the most interest this month. However the paper is undergoing significant scrutiny with researchers around the world looking to reproduce the results.

Race is on for room temperature superconductor

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