Top articles in October on eeNews Europe

Top articles in October on eeNews Europe

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The move of RISC-V into AI, mega mergers and a basestation on the Moon all caught readers' attention this month
By Nick Flaherty


The management at CEA-Leti were delighted to have Yann LeCun speak at their technology day earlier this month. The French chief AI scientist at Facebook is credited as the inventor of the convolutional neural network (CNN) and winner of the Turing Award for AI and the perfect . His speech however was perhaps not what they expected. The highlight on the ARM-Nvidia deal and the rise of RISC-V was of significant interest, as were his comments on the future requirements of AI chips.  

The impact of that deal is also being seen in new developments in RISC-V by Renesas.

October has seen AMD acquiring Xilinx to boost its position in the data centre, with the price rising from $30 to $35bn over the month. SMART Holdings, better known for its memory module business, also shook up the market with the acquisition of Cree’s LED business, while a $10bn deal between Marvell and Inphi yesterday tops off a huge month for mergers and acquisitions.  

The US-China trade war continues to be significant, particularly with the US presidential election next week.

Ways to help address the Covid-19 pandemic continue to be of interest, especially with the prospect of a fast test just using exhaled breath under development and wireless charging temperature sensor system to bring staff back into the office. 

New technologies are always of interest. Designs are starting on 3nm CMOS process technology at Samsung, but how the industry gets to 2nm is a key challenge. Ruthenium as a metal interconnect is showing distinct promise.

At the same time a new approach to building graphene systems is taking shape. A pilot line is being developed with availability across Europe to make the continent a key provider of electronic systems using the material.

Our ‘out of this world’ story this month sees plans for a 4G basestation on the Moon to provide communications links to more and more systems that are planned for exploration and as the starting point for a planned Moon base.  

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