Top engineering jobs in demand across Europe

Top engineering jobs in demand across Europe

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By Nick Flaherty

The greatest demand for any engineering jobs across Europe was the role of an AI Engineer in Italy, with 4,941 job vacancies according to a report by Prolifics Testing.

Although it was also the most in-demand job in Romania, there were 14 times less vacancies available there, with 351. The UK was home to the second most in-demand engineering jobs across Europe, with 3,759 vacancies for a Systems Engineer. 

In fact, the need for Systems Engineers is strong across Europe as the most in demand role across six countries. Despite having only a small fraction of the engineering jobs available in the UK, the role of a systems engineer also proved to be the most in-demand technology job in: 

  • Switzerland (555 Job Vacancies)
  • Turkey (499 Job Vacancies)
  • France (268 Job Vacancies) 
  • Finland (47 Job Vacancies)
  • Sweden (125 Job Vacancies)

Poland had the third greatest demand for any technology role in Europe, with a significant 1,904 job vacancies for the role of a Java Developer. Despite having 1,314 less job vacancies, Java Developers were also the most sought after in Russia, with 590 vacancies. 

System Administrators in Germany are also in demand with 1,573 vacancies. This appears to be specific and exclusive to Germany, as it didn’t appear to be the most in demand technology role in any other European country. 

Instead the demand is for Software Engineers as the top engineering vacancy in six countries. Software Engineers were most sought after in Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Ireland and Norway. However, the greatest number of these engineering jobs can be found in The Netherlands. 

Throughout the analysis, Prolifics Testing referred to the same 25 technology jobs and used the job search engine Indeed in each of the European countries that use the platform, each of the technology jobs were searched in their database to establish how many new jobs in the last 14 days had been posted for each job title.

As an example, UK design house Sondrel is looking for chip architects. “Just like a great building design needs a great architect, a great chip design needs a great chip architect,” said Graham Curren, Sondrel’s CEO and Founder. “Electronic designers are very logical and precise but a chip architect needs to also be creative as well to be able to think of a range of different ways to solve a problem. Being able to use both the left and right halves of the brain is a rare skill in electronic design. We are actively looking for such people to join us as chip architects as they play a fundamental role in the creation of the big complex chip designs that we do.”

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