Top ten articles in September

Top ten articles in September

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By Nick Flaherty

September saw some pretty momentous moves in the electronics industry. The return of ARM to the stock market saw significant interest, and started with a bang, gaining 25% but falling back to it original listing price by the end of the month.

The Raspberry Pi 5 has just been launched, with a boost in performance and a whole new board architecture and cooling options. And China is developing its own EUV light source for leading edge lithography.

Raspberry Pi 5 moves to disaggregated architecture with in-house silicon

Power and cooling challenges of the Raspberry Pi 5

Intel also launched a new stripped down RISC-V processor as part of its Nios soft cores for its FPGAs and Gowin Semiconductor launched 22nm FPAGs with hardened RISC-V cores.

Intel launches compact RISC-V Nios processor core

First 22nm FGPA with hardened RISC-V cores

Generative AI continues to drive into the industry, this time added to the latest PCB layout tools from Cadence to boost engineer productivity and Synopsys is seeing multiple 2nm designs taping out at TSMC, using AI to port designs more quickly.

Cadence launches generative AI for PCB design

Synopsys tools tape out 2nm chips at TSMC

US brings Vietnam into the semiconductor CHIPS Act


Indie Semiconductor continues its march into automotive tech with a new in-cabin radar chip runs at a record 240GHz, while Seeed in China ran a successful kickstarter for a LoRaWAN IoT GPS tracker that eeNews Europe had the pleasure of testing out.

World’s first 240GHz radar transceiver in silicon

indie Semiconductor buys Exalos in $65m LiDAR boost

World’s first 240GHz radar transceiver in silicon

Now China has launched its own synchrotron EUV source for lithography, but the move is no sanctions buster, as using the EUV light is the key challenge.

China’s synchrotron EUV lithography light source is no sanctions buster

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