Top ten RISC-V articles in 2022

Top ten RISC-V articles in 2022

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By Nick Flaherty

There is no denying that 2022 is the year that RISC-V took off.

Europe has been slow to adopt the open specification instruction set, perhaps reflecting the strength of competitor ARM in the region. But with Codasip in Munich now a leading European supplier of the technology alongside SiFive in the US and Andes Technology in Asia, the region is also providing key security IP.

The most read article on RISC-V detailed the development of a core with open source tools in Denmark, alongside the European technology in a RISC-V development kit for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The fact that RISC-V has already shipped 10bn cores in all kinds of chips, often as a dedicated controller rather than a general purpose microcontroller. However the decision this year by Espressif to move exclusively to RISC-V for its low cost microcontrollers is a key indicator of the momentum of the technology.

The battle with ARM was perhaps clearest at Renesas, starting with deals with Andes and SiFive and moving to cores designed in-house.

But the opportunities for innovation were clear, with a massive array of 1400 RISC-V cores on a single chip enabling leading edge AI processing

Space has also been a key area for the technology. Microchip is developing the next generation of multicore processor for space systems for NASA, supported by tools from Ashling and the NOEL-V core from Cobham. This core is already in operation in orbit, running on an FPGA.

But RISC-V is making its way into other areas, such as providing the IP to secure die-to-die communications in emerging high performance chiplet designs.  

While those are the top ten RISC-V articles on eeNews Europe, we leave you with another key indictor of the advance of the technology at number 11. Apple’s decision to sue RISC-V startup Rivos highlights the high stakes for the industry.

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