Topside cooling for 600V superjunction MOSFETs

Topside cooling for 600V superjunction MOSFETs

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By Nick Flaherty

Infineon Technologies has launched 600V versions of its CoolMOS S7 superjunction (SJ) MOSFETs with topside cooling for static switching designs.

The MOSFETs use QDPAK top-side cooling (TSC) packages with R DS(on) of only 10 mΩ, the lowest on the market in this voltage class and the lowest in surface mount (SMD) packages. This makes the devices suitable for low-frequency switching applications while optimizing cost positioning.

These static switching applications have more of a focus on minimizing conduction losses, optimizing thermal behaviour, and achieving compact and lightweight systems while ensuring high quality at a low cost. Minimizing conduction losses of the MOSFETs boosts the overall efficiency and provides an easy and cost-optimized way to improve system performance.

The devices are aiming at SMPS, solar energy systems, battery protection, solid-state relays (SSR), motor-starters and solid-state circuit breakers, as well as PLCs, lighting control, HV eFuse/eDisconnect, (H)EV on-board chargers.

The CoolMOS S7 power switches also effectively manage heat dissipation with improved thermal resistance. The QDPAK packaging can eliminate the need for heat sinks in solid-state designs, resulting in more compact and lighter systems.

The MOSFETs are available in both top-side and bottom-side variants, and feature high-pulse current capability, enabling them to handle sudden surges of current. In addition, they exhibit body diode robustness to ensure reliable operation during AC line commutation.

With fewer components required, they reduce part count, resulting in flexible system integration, lower BOM costs, and total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, these MOSFETs enable shorter reaction times, particularly when breaking a current, facilitating smoother and more efficient operation.

The new 600 V industrial grade CoolMOS S7 and automotive grade CoolMOS S7A SJ MOSFETs for static switching are available in both top-side (TSC) and bottom-side cooling (BSC) QDPAK (PG-HDSOP-22) variants.;


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