Torque flange measurement system

Torque flange measurement system

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Kistler's Type 4550A KiTorq rotor torque flange measuring unit features a bearing and slip-ring free design with an accuracy class of 0.05. It combines both the Type 455x KiTorq rotary torque measuring unit and the Type 454x KiTorq stator torque evaluation unit. Both rotors and stators within the KiTorq system can be used with the same speed option.
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All KiTorq rotors capture torque using strain gages (DMS), with their generated signal amplified and then processed at approximately 35 kSample. This high-speed scanning rate means that widely dynamic torque parameters can be measured to high degrees of accuracy and repeatability. In addition, various calibration options are available for the configurable output signals of the KiTorq system. All calibrations are conducted within a high-precision calibration system that is fully traceable to recognized standards. The measuring unit supports high-precision dynamic torque measurements within test bench engineering applications, including those most common to electric motors, gears, pumps and combustion engine test stands.

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