Toshiba expands ARM microcontrollers for data processing  

Toshiba expands ARM microcontrollers for data processing  

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20 new TXZ+ M4G microcontrollers from Toshiba add an ARM M4 core with floating point unit for high speed data processing
By Nick Flaherty


Toshiba Electronics has added 20 microcontrollers with floating point units (FPU) for high-speed data processing to its TXZ+ family.

Manufactured in 40nm and running up to 200MHz, the M4G family is aimed at applications such as multi-function printers, audio/video (AV) equipment, IoT, home appliances, building automation and factory automation. 

The Toshiba TXZ+ microcontrollers integrate 2048kB of flash memory for code, a further 32kByte of data flash with 100k write cycles endurance and 4kB of user data flash. The new microcontrollers also incorporate multiple interfaces and various communication options. A built-in high-speed oscillator, equipped with oscillation accuracy +/-1% and an operating temperature of -40 to 85 ºC. By improving the oscillation accuracy, the number of parts can be reduced by eliminating the need for an external oscillator.

Both code flash and data flash are rewritable up to 100,000 times, eliminating the need for external memory.

The new devices support a variety of sensing applications via a 12bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that allows individual sample-and-hold times to be set for each input channel with up to 24 channels. These devices provide highly effective solutions for AC motor, brushless DC motor (BLDC) with the integration of Toshiba’s advanced programmable motor driver (A-PMD).

Self-diagnosis functions incorporated in the devices for ROM, RAM, ADC and the clock support the achievement of IEC60730 Class B functional safety certification.

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