Total Internal Reflection technology boosts LED lighting efficiency

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The UK-developd ELR technology combines high performance with what is claimed to be un-rivalled light distribution allowing MHA to install the lowest-powered fixtures on the market.  The nedd for fewer fittings creates a multiplier effect in terms of energy savings and payback periods.

MHA Lighting MD Tom Harrison, said: “What the MHA Team has created is more than an incremental improvement on existing technology – it is a fundamental step change in LED technology and its capabilities. We are in possession of something extremely powerful and highly innovative that is truly going to shape the future of the LED lighting industry.”

Unlike other LED luminaires, MHA’s solution uses Total Internal Reflection to transmit and direct the light into the workspace. Powerful CoB LED modules are located at each end of acrylic tubes – hiding the LEDs from view, thereby reducing glare and creating even light distribution similar to that of a T8 array.

The resulting LodeStar product range combines the efficacies of up to 130 lumen/circuit watt (nett of all losses) while claiming un-rivalled light-beam distribution, allowing MHA to install the most efficient and highest quality light fittings on the market.

MHA Lighting’s solutions provide an LED lifetime of 109,000 hours and benign drive currents of below 0.32 A assure low junction temperatures of 55°C for longevity and reliability.

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