Toyota plans mass production of solid state battery for 2027

Toyota plans mass production of solid state battery for 2027

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By Nick Flaherty

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Toyota is planning to introduce a solid state battery that can charge in 10 minutes as it moves to mass production in 2027 says its roadmap.

Toyota has also developed a higher performance bipolar lithium iron phosphate battery that can charge in 20 minutes for 2025.

Takero Kato, president of Toyota’s BEV Factory, indicated that the next-generation BEVs will first hit the market in 2026 and that 1.7m of the 3.5m BEVs Toyota expects to sell by 2030 will be these next-generation models.

“We will need various options for batteries, just like we have different variations of engines. It is important to offer battery solutions compatible with a variety of models and customer needs,” said Kato.

There are three main technologies under development for liquid electrolyte batteries in the rodmap– ‘Performance’, ‘Popularised’ and ‘High Performance’.

 Toyota's solid state battery roadmap

The Performance cells for BEVs to be introduced in 2026 will increase the cruising range of BEVs to over 800km and be 20% cheaper.

The ‘popularisation’ LFP cells are built using the bipolar technology that Toyota pioneered and confirmed with its NiMh hybrid electric vehicle batteries. This will be 40% cheaper with 30 minute charging and 20% increase in range.

The High-Performance battery will combine the bipolar structure with Li-Ion chemistry and a high nickel cathode to achieve further advances and further increase cruising range capability to over 1000km when combined with improved aerodynamics and reduced vehicle weight. This will be 10% cheaper than the performance battery for vehicles in 2027.

The solid-state batteries were originally aimed at hybrid vehicles as the lifetime was a challenge, but Toyota says it has overcome this challenge and has now switched its focus to putting solid-state batteries into mass production for 2027-28.

Toyota’s first solid-state battery is expected to offer a 20% increase in cruising range vs. the Performance battery of approx. 1000 km with a fast charge time of 10 minutes or less.

Toyota already has a higher specification Li-Ion solid-state battery under development which is targeting a 50% improvement in cruising range compared to the Performance battery.

Central to Toyota’s thinking on development is to reduce the height of the battery to make vehicle designs more aerodynamic.

Today the battery pack of the bZ4X, including casing, is around 150mm high. Toyota plans to reduce the battery height to 120mm, and even 100mm for high-performance sports vehicles where a low hip-position is possible.

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