Transparent OLED displays for both standalone and tiled installations

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The new Planar LookThru display builds on the frameless glass design of the original version, enabling customers to overlay digital content and imagery over actual objects to create unique, eye-catching installations. Suitable both as a standalone product and for tiled installations, the 55-inch display is well suited for a wide range of applications including retail merchandising, corporate displays, museum exhibits, award and trophy cases, and tradeshow exhibits. The 55-inch Planar LookThru offers vibrant colors that, at 120% NTCS, exceed the standards set by the National Television System Committee. The emissive OLED display provides wide viewing angles with excellent no off-axis contrast and brightness. With Full HD resolution, it also delivers stunning graphics and full-motion video. The display comes with a 4K at 60Hz DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity that includes HDCP 2.2 content protection compliance. Installations are fully controllable using RS-232, LAN and other control systems. The display is also compatible with leading processing and source routing solutions. The Planar LookThru can be used in either portrait or landscape orientations. The display can be mounted on tables and ceilings and built into custom fixtures. It can also be tiled to create large, attention-grabbing video walls using DisplayPort video loop through.

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