Transphorm takes on SiC with simulation model of first 1200V GaN-on-Sapphire device

Transphorm takes on SiC with simulation model of first 1200V GaN-on-Sapphire device

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By Nick Flaherty

Transphorm has released a simulation model and preliminary data for a 1200V gallium nitride device that aims to take on silicon carbide in automotive and three phase power supply designs.

The TP120H070WS FET is the only 1200 V GaN-on-Sapphire power semiconductor introduced to date, making its model the first of its kind. It is aimed at future automotive power systems as well as three-phase power systems typically used in the broad industrial, datacom, and renewables markets where SiC is currently being used.

The Verilog-A device model is recommended for use with the SIMetrix Pro v8.5 Circuit Simulator. A LTSpice model is in development and will be released in Q4 2023. Simulation modeling allows for fast and efficient power system design validation while reducing design iterations, development time, and hardware investments.

Transphorm used the device, launched last year, in a 5 kW 900 V buck converter switching at 100 kHz. The 1200 V GaN device achieved 98.7% efficiency, exceeding that of a similarly rated production SiC MOSFET, although samples of the 1200V FET are expected to be available by Q1 2024.

The GaN-on-Sapphire process is in volume production today in the LED market and the 1200 V technology is based on the same normally-off GaN platform used in Transphorm’s current device portfolio.

This provides a 70 mΩ RDS(on) on resistance with efficient bidirectional current flow, ± 20 Vmax gate robustness and low 4Vth gate drive noise immunity with zero QRR in a 3-lead TO-247 package.

The 1200 V GaN device is particularly aimed at automotive for 800 V batteries in the latter half of this decade. As such, 1200 V power conversion switches will be used to deliver the required performance level.

“We are the leading power semiconductor company demonstrating and delivering on the promise of GaN,” said Umesh Mishra, CTO and Co-founder, Transphorm. “Our 1200 V technology is a testament to our engineering team’s innovative vision and determination. We’re proving that GaN can very easily play in application markets previously slated for silicon carbide, which opens a wide range of market adoption potential for our business and GaN in general.”

The device model files and datasheet are available for download at



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