Truffle Capital pumps additional funding into Neelogy to develop current sensor technology

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The new payment brings Truffle’s initial investment in the company to three million Euros.

The high-performance sensors are mainly used in three areas: for Test & Measurement applications (laboratories, field analysis, etc.); as components in the Smart Grid fields (electricity grids, new energies (photovoltaics, wind), etc.), and electrified transport (trains, aircraft, cars, ships, etc.). Our sensors target numerous industries for six main applications: energy conversion, protection, energy metering, energy storage, energy diagnostics and monitoring.

"These applications are almost always related to a goal of boosting energy efficiency in power systems and require highperformance, easy-to-use measurement means," explained Neelogy co-founder and CEO Lionel Cima.

"This investment will allow us to continue our development of very compact integrated components and international marketing of probes for the Test & Measurement market. Our global market today is estimated at around 3 billion Euros. While we are focused first of all on the French market, our next stage is to go international," said Cima.

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