At the same time the market is rich in terms of the number of different ways to perform wafer-level packaging steps and growing more varied. Yole has introduced an ultra-high-density fan-out classification to complement core technology and high-density categories.

The market researcher concludes that the middle ground, high-density fan-out packaging market is a battle between foundry TSMC and Samsung Electronics.

Fan-out packaging revenue by complexity type 2019 to 2025. Source: Yole.

TSMC is the pioneer of fan-out packaging technology having started in 2016 with its InFO (integrated fan out) and now has 80 percent market share of what Yole classifies as UHD. It’s market share will slowly decrease to 68 percent by 2025 as later entrants to the market such as ASE and Eswin are expected to gain share.

Favier Shoo, an analyst at Yole Developpement, said that fan-out packaging, having started in smartphone deployment, is now being applied to applications in 5G and high performance computing and 77GHz radar applications.

Ultra-high-density fan-out packaging revenue by manufacturers’ market share 2019 to 2025. Source: Yole.

Some of the highest growth is for antenna-in-package applications, driven by 5G, at 76 percent CAGR between 2020 and 2025.

Processor die partitioning and processor plus high bandwidth memory applications (chiplet) are growing at 20 percent CAGR and 52 percent CAGR, respectively over the same period. Connectivity related applications, including Bluetooth, MEMS, PA and switches, are expected to show a 14 percent CAGR.

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