TTTech Auto looks to rebrand for software defined vehicles as tier one model ends

TTTech Auto looks to rebrand for software defined vehicles as tier one model ends

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By Nick Flaherty

TTTech Auto in Austria is rebranding its middleware software for the industry transition to software defined vehicles.

“We were thinking about how big to do the re-branding and repositioning, but the big driver was the repositioning,” Dirk Linzmeier, CEO TTTech Auto tells eeNews Europe.

“There is a fundamental shift from value chain to value network. The classical Tier one model is coming to an end, and in some areas it has already ended. This has started to change for high performance computer and SDV it has come to an end. [Chip supplier] NXP and [operating system supplier] QNX are strong partners just as [tool supplier] Vector is a strong partner,” he said.

The challenge is to differentiate, he says. “The drivetrain is similar, the batteries come form the sme suppliers, so it’s the interface to the driver and the updates. If you give this to one supplier they almost own the complete value of the car so the OEM wants to own this high performance computing, and that’s a very tricky thing. We want to help them with the middleware,” he said. 

“When you have up to 300 suppliers that is hard to manage so this allows the OEM to focus on the user applications and we cover the rest.”

Since its foundation in 2018, TTTech Auto has been a key player in the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS/AD) market, with a strong focus on middleware and safety solutions.

The automotive industry has been undergoing a significant transformation while facing challenges in the development of highly automated driving, particularly in SAE Level 3 and Level 4 functions.

TTTech Auto teams for safety critical software defined vehicles

The move to Software-Defined Vehicles with higher integration and centralization have emerged as primary themes. This significant shift is driven by the exponential growth in System-on-Chip (SoC) performance and E/E architectural centralization.

“When I started in 2022 I knew we needed a stronger positioning. First we worked on a new product portfolio and by the end of 2023 we had enough to know what we want for one consistent holistic approach,” he said.

“There are different things we are changing. Since 2023 we have broadened the portfolio alongside MotionWise with a toolbox where modules were separated into individual products, for example QNX with our scheduling, and then if you want the health diagnosis you can add a module.”

“What we realised was that now there are lots of different solutions, and no one wants to replace everything so you offer your best modules and gradually they add more modules.”

This will see the abstraction of hardware from software and faster and more robust integration of functional modules along with incremental software updates over-the-air with accelerated re-validation, re-verification and re-homologation

“Our MotionWise safety middleware is a key enabler for safe SDVs to optimize performance, safety, integration, and software updates, empowering customers to focus on the driving experience,” said Linzmeier.

The initiative also encompasses a comprehensive update of the company’s branding, messaging, and corporate design.

TTTech Auto expands in China with AD software platform

The company is considering a change of name.

“There’s pros and cons on this name,” Linzmeier tells eeNews Europe. “ TTTech Auto is very well known at all the OEMs and also this would have triggered bigger discussions with shareholders. We can do this in the second step if we think it is appropriate.”

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