Turnkey security for connected devices with cryptographic controller

Turnkey security for connected devices with cryptographic controller

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By Graham Prophet

Designed to meet Common Criteria EAL4+ requirements, the MAXQ1061 empowers engineers to quickly design security into their products and protect the endpoints of a network. The device integrates a cryptographic toolbox that provides support for a wide spectrum of security needs, ranging from key generation and storage, to digital signature and encryption up to SSL/TLS/DTLS. It can also support secure boot for most host processors. To withstand extreme industrial environments, the MAXQ1061 operates across the -40 to +109C temperature range—the widest compared to other similar products—and is available in TSSOP-14.


The MAXQ1061 embeds 32 kB of user programmable secure EEPROM for storing certificates, public keys, private and secret keys, and arbitrary user data. The EEPROM is managed through a flexible filesystem enabling custom security policy enforcement. Its cryptographic algorithms include ECC (up to NIST P-521), ECDSA signature generation and verification, SHA-2 (up to SHA-512) secure hash, AES-128/-256 with support for ECB, CBC, and CCM modes, and MAC digest. The MAXQ1061 also provides a separate hardware AES engine over SPI, supporting AES-GCM and AES-ECB modes, and that can be used to off-load a host processor for fast stream encryption.


The device offers full security, and includes TLS/SSL host stack and comprehensive software support, as well as certificates distribution and management; easy to design strong protection into systems. It is a turnkey offering, with no firmware development required. An evaluation kit is available under NDA request: MAXQ1061-KIT#, with pricing starting at $100.00. The MAXQ1061’s unit pricing starts at $2.64 (1,000)






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