TVS diodes offer ESD protection to high-speed interfaces

TVS diodes offer ESD protection to high-speed interfaces

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By Julien Happich

The DF2B5M4SL, DF2B6M4SL, DF10G5M4N and DF10G6M4N offer protection for high-speed interfaces including USB 3.1 applications. A choice of operating voltages (3.6V and 5.5V) and packages (SOD962 and DFN10) provides flexible options for realizing ESD protection in a variety of designs. The four devices simultaneously deliver low capacitance, low dynamic resistance and high ESD endurance. Minimum signal distortion of high-speed data signals is guaranteed by the ultra-low capacitance of 0.2pF, while a typical dynamic resistance of RDYN=0.5 Ω ensures low clamping voltages. High ESD protection levels are supported as electrostatic discharge voltages of at least ±20 kV according to IEC61000-4-2 are guaranteed. The SOD-962 package requires a footprint of only 0.62×0.32mm and can be placed close to ICs that need ESD protection. In case of the DF10GxM4N types, the DFN10 package can be simply placed on top of a 4-bit bus line. This flow-through design supports simple bus routing on the PCB as no additional stubs are needed to connect single TVS diodes.

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