Two team for holographic automotive displays

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By Nick Flaherty

Ceres Holographics in St Andrews is to use Covestro’s Bayfol HX photopolymer films for transparent automotive display applications. Ceres uses these films to create specialty solutions with customized holographic optical elements (HOEs) designed to enable a new generation of transparent display applications for automobiles and commercial vehicles.

Bayfol HX film is a transparent thin film featuring a light-sensitive, self-developing photopolymer, that can be used for line-of-sight applications in automobiles and commercial vehicles. Ceres holographic transparent display technology has already been successfully demonstrated in OEM prototypes, enabling full-color display of information on front, side and rear car windows.

“Ceres Holographics has been testing how to harness the unique properties of our Bayfol HX film for holographic transparent display applications for years, and has produced outstanding results,” said Yuen-Ling Lok, of Covestro.

“Our digitally-mastered HOEs feature full color and a wide vision field, yielding precision-engineered optical performance and functionality in windscreens and windows at prices that the market demands,” said Andy Travers, CEO of Ceres Holographics, in a statement.

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