U-blox claims first untethered 3D dead reckoning module

U-blox claims first untethered 3D dead reckoning module

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Combining multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo) with an onboard 3D gyro/accelerometer, NEO-M8U provides accurate positioning even where GNSS signals are weak or not available. It achieves this without any connection to the vehicle other than power.

The NEO-M8U module provides superior multipath suppression, which improves position accuracy even in tough environments, such as urban canyons, tunnels, or parking garages. For example, in London’s city center area, NEO-M8U is typically three times more accurate than a traditional GNSS receiver. In addition, NEO-M8U offers instantaneous position immediately after power-up, without the need to wait for a first fix as with regular GNSS receivers.

One of the key advantages of NEO-M8U is the ease of product development and installation. NEO-M8U looks and behaves just like a regular GNSS receiver and does not require any special mounting or connection to the vehicle. Thanks to its intelligent sensing and continuous self-calibration, NEO-M8U can be installed in the vehicle in any orientation.

Other features are its real-time update rate of up to 20 Hz benefiting a smooth navigation behavior, as well as the high-speed access to the raw sensor data allowing for driving behavior analysis and detection of sudden acceleration, such as during an accident.

“NEO-M8U, with its performance and simplicity, is a game changer for a range of new use cases such as navigation, fleet management, road pricing, usage-based insurance and even ‘find-my-car’ applications,” says Andrew Miles, Product Manager, Dead Reckoning at u-blox. “The gain in accuracy by NEO-M8U in three dimensions will enhance any vehicle based application in cities with high-rise buildings and narrow streets.”

NEO-M8U will be available in early Q2, 2016. It can upgrade any existing NEO design due to the inherent pin and software compatibility to other NEO modules.

More information on UDR technology is available on u-blox’s website:

A white paper exploring the possible business opportunities UDR can offer is available here

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