UK faces dramatic shortage of electric car chargers says report

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By Nick Flaherty

The report by data science company Emu Analytics predicts that an additional 83,500 charging points will be required to meet the demand from electric vehicles (EVs). To May 2018 there are 16,500 charging points in 5,700 locations in the UK, so there needs to be an 83% increase in the number of charge points by 2020 to meet demand.

By 2020 there will be over 1m electric vehicles, predicts EMU, with a range of between 100 and 200 miles so the requirement for a charging network is critical to the roll out of EVs. The report identifies 9,600 public chargers (and approximately 16,500 connectors) in just over 5,700 locations across the UK. This compares to approximately 9,000 petrol stations across the UK. This is behind the recent positioning of petrol companies with charging technology and network providers. 

However there are currently only 1,500 Rapid Chargers and 3,400 Connectors across the UK, and of the 150,000 registered EVs in the UK, there are 43 EVs for every rapid charging connection across the UK which is not sustainable.

The UK Government has allocated £440m to develop charging infrastructure and R&D. Since the Government started the Plug-In Car Grant there has been a surge in electric vehicle registrations. In Q1 2014 there were under 2,000 EV registrations and in Q3 2017 there were over 14,000, a 600% increase.

“Ultimately the UK, by investing in the right way early, has the opportunity to be a global leader in Electric Vehicles, benefiting businesses, towns, cities and communities by preparing for a sustainable future,” said Richard Vilton, CEO of Emu Analytics.

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