UK processor startup appoints James Lewis as CEO

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By Peter Clarke

Red Semiconductor Ltd. (Oxford, England), a startup developing a processor based on the OpenPower instruction set architecture, has appointed industry veteran James Lewis as CEO.

Red Semi was founded in 2021 and Lewis joins executive chairman David Calderwood and the technical founders of the company.

Lewis was the founder and CEO of one the UK’s first fabless chip companies – Oxford Semiconductor Ltd. – in 1992. Oxford was acquired by PLX Technology Inc. which was in turn acquired by Toshiba and thereafter part of Kioxia.

Subsequently Lewis was a founder of Redux, a business specialising in electronic components and systems for haptic and audio UX applications. With successful design wins into automotive, aerospace and consumer product developments, Redux was acquired by Google.

“We are witnessing a situation where traditional CPU architectures are becoming bogged down by their own history, and the core licensing model is in legal and IP turmoil,” said Lewis, in a statement. “Customers and developers are rapidly looking towards the freedom of new open-source platforms, and Red Semiconductor is targeting the algorithmically intensive application sector where its vector instruction technology delivers maximum computation with minimum binary size leading to reduced chip cost and power consumption.”

Lewis continued: “Moreover Red’s architecture is fully auditable, meaning it is ideal for tomorrow’s secure computing ecosystems. Independent of third-party IP and semiconductor fab dependencies, and with open/libre design flow, the opportunity for Red is vast.”

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