UK startup creates network of charging power packs

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By Nick Flaherty

London startup ChargedUp has created a network of over 1000 battery bank hire points across the UK and is branching out into the Netherlands and Germany.

The startup, founded in April 2017, has created a service that allows users to rent 6000mAh power banks by scanning a QR code through the ChargedUp app.

“We couldn’t be happier with how quickly this network has grown,” said Hugo Tilmouth, CEO. “We wanted to say a huge thank you to all the venues who have housed our machines, and to our whole userbase for helping us expand so quickly.”

The vending packs include 10 pre-charged battery power packs, each with Lightening, micro-USB and USB-C cables, which are unlocked when scanned by an app. Users can then charge their phones for £1 an hour for the first three hours, and for free after that. After this, the charge is £3 per 24 hours of use for a maximum of 10 days (£30) to buy the pack.

The power packs can be dropped back to any vending point or, once owned, swapped as many times as necessary for up to a year at no additional cost.

The company also has a deal with Octopus Energy to offset the electricity used for charging with renewable sources. It now has a vending machine in Amsterdam (where UK packs can be swapped) and is planning to expand into Germany in 2020.


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