Ultra-low power microcontrollers with on-chip 40-nm flash memory target automotive body applications

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The new MCUs are designed for use in a variety of automotive body applications and provide many advantages. The RH850/F1x Series is comprised of three groups and has a total of more than 50 products from Low-end to High-end, the RH850/F1L, RH850/F1M and RH850/F1H. Larger on-chip flash memory capacity from 256KB up to 8MB is offered along with more compact package options (48-pin and up). Dual-core versions are also planned to be available in the RH850/F1H Group.

The RH850/F1x Series uses the same architecture CPU core and common peripheral functions, and has software compatibility within the same group. The RH850/F1x Series uses the 40 nm process and metal oxide nitride oxide silicon (MONOS) structure for flash memory with lower power consumption (0.5 mA/MHz for RH850/F1L) and higher reliability. Renesas improved automotive network functions (example: number of local interconnect network (LIN) channels expanded to 18) and added data encryption function with the RH850/F1x Series. These features will help customers build electronic body control units combining energy efficiency, high performance, and improved safety.

Reducing electric power consumption in vehicles is becoming an ever more pressing issue. At the same time, automotive networks are becoming more diverse and more complex, and the amount of data handled by electronic control units is growing. As these networks begin to connect with access points outside the vehicle, security measures become essential. In response to these trends, automakers are working to develop platforms for electronic units to enable them to build better cars more efficiently. The RH850/F1x Series comprises a lineup of more than 50 products offering a variety of package types, on-chip flash memory sizes, and peripheral function options. This broad array of product is intended to meet a wide variety of requirements in the automotive field.


Samples of the RH850/F1L Group of MCUs are scheduled to be available from 2Q CY2013. Mass production of the RH850/F1L Group is scheduled to begin in FY2014, with the different product versions appearing soon after, and is expected to reach a scale of 3,000,000 units for each version per month by June 2015.

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