Ultra-low power positioning accuracy for wearables

Ultra-low power positioning accuracy for wearables

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The u-blox M10 positioning platform is able to track up to four GNSS constellations simultaneously and provide positioning data even in challenging environments such as deep urban canyons. The receiver integrates Super-S technology to assist in distinguishing positioning signals from the background noise and capture positioning data even when satellite signals are weak. The new device boasts high RF sensitivity to operate effectively with small antennas. This rait makes the receiver ideal to be used in compact product designs.

u-blox M10 consumes only 12mW while operating in continuous tracking mode, five times less than the power consumed by previous u-blox meter-level GNSS technology. The device’s enhanced RF sensitivity also takes less time to achieve a first position fix when initialized, which further reduces systemic power consumption. Switching to the improved Super-E mode can extend battery life even more.

The new GNSS platform is supported by AssistNow, u-blox’s assisted GNSS service, to accelerate positioning and improve accuracy. Depending on the required level of assistance, the service is available free of charge or for a recurring fee.

The u-blox M10 platform includes proven techniques for detecting spoofed signals through the analysis of raw GNSS data, jamming-detection strategies, and embedded filters to mitigate the effects of in-band RF interference.

“u-blox can be proud of over 20 years of experience with GNSS technology, and with u-blox M10 we are setting a new benchmark in ultra-low power high performance positioning applications,” says Bernd Heidtmann, Product Manager, Product Center Positioning, u-blox. “We have increased concurrent reception of satellite signals by a GNSS platform from three to four constellations and improved the power consumption level five-fold compared to previous generations while shrinking the chip size by 35 percent.”

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