Ultra-low-power SoC for long-range Internet of Things connectivity

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By eeNews Europe

The IC, library and development system from AXSEM enable IoT developers to easily use SIGFOX’s long-range, two-way wireless Internet-dedicated network. This combination of low costs, lowest-power consumption and international coverage makes the SoC ideal for environmental sensors, smart meters, patient monitors, security devices, streetlights and many more applications.

The SIGFOX network eliminates the cost and energy-use barriers to wide implementation of IoT and M2M by providing small-message communication and greatly extending the battery and service life of connected devices.

The AX8052F143 receives with 9.5 mA current and -129 dBm sensitivity at 600 bps GFSK. The chip features a 6 dBm transmitter with only 10 mA current consumption or 16 dBm with 45 mA, enabling designers to maximize battery life while extending communication range. The IC covers the 27 to 1050 MHz frequency range.


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