Ultra-low quiescent current, high-voltage LDOs for automotive applications

Ultra-low quiescent current, high-voltage LDOs for automotive applications

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The ultra-low quiescent current LDOs, including the TPS7A16xx-Q1 with 60-V input, TPS7A66xx-Q1 and TPS7B67xx families, and the TPS7B4250-Q1 LDO, support many applications that connect directly to a car or truck battery, such as cluster, power steering and infotainment systems, door modules and lighting controls.

These LDOs have ultra-low quiescent current extends battery life: as low as 10 µA in standby mode, resulting in lower power consumption and increased battery life. Internal equivalent series resistance (ESR) compensation can help optimise system cost and stability: designers have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of output capacitors, including ceramic, to reduce system cost and increase stability. High input voltage allows automotive subsystems to connect directly to the car battery: the LDOs support input voltages of up to 40V for normal operation and up to 45V to support transient spikes in automotive designs. Additionally the TPS7A1601-Q1 can support up to 60-V normal operation for trucks and heavy-duty equipment.

A tracking function allows for more accurate data from the off-board sensors: tracking provides close to zero tolerance between on-board and off-board power supplies. Tracking helps users get more accurate data from the off-board sensors. An integrated window watchdog supports functional safety: and helps meet the functional safety requirements on the system level.

Designers can ‘test-drive’ the AEC-Q100-qualified LDOs using several evaluation modules and SPICE simulation models that make it easy to evaluate and design.

TPS7A16xx-Q1 LDOs come in an 8-pin MSOP-PowerPad package priced at $1.65; TPS7A66xx-Q1 LDOs in an 8-pin MSOP-PowerPad are $0.60; and TPS7B67xx-Q1 LDOs in a 20-pin HTSSOP package are $0.80 (all 1,000).

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