Ultra-thin COG OLEDs in distribution

Ultra-thin COG OLEDs in distribution

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Specialist distributor Diamond Electronics is now stocking the latest small outline, passive matrix OLED displays from Winstar. The range is comprised of 4 sizes of module, 0.49, 0.66”, 0.71” and 0.84” all available with white or sky blue characters.
By Julien Happich


All the products in this new range from Winstar Displays range are of ultra-thin, COG format and are self-emitting, requiring no backlighting. In addition to being lightweight and having very low power consumption, they also feature exceptionally wide viewing angles.  The WEO006432A is a 0.49” passive matrix OLED display module packing 64×32 pixels in an active area of 11.18×5.58 mm. The WEO006448A provides 64×48 pixels with a diagonal size of just 0.66” and outline dimensions of 18.46×18.10mm for an active area of 3.42×10.06mm. The WEO004864A is a small graphic PMOLED display with 48×64 pixels, a diagonal size of 0.71” and measuring 13.90×22.0mm. The The 0.84 inch WEO009616A graphic passive matrix OLED display module comes with 96×16 dots in an active area of 21.104×3.504mm. All versions require a 3VDC power supply and feature a SSD1306BZ controller IC allowing communication via 6800/8080 8-bit parallel, SPI, I2C and 4-wire serial interface. Operating temperature range for the Winstar OLED displays is from -40℃ to +80°C

For more information on the Diamond Electronics at www.diamondelec.co.uk

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