Ultrasonic platform makes any surface and material interactive

Ultrasonic platform makes any surface and material interactive

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By Rich Pell

Based around the company’s SurfaceWave Processor that emits ultrasonic signals to detect physical movement, the high-fidelity touch platform is designed to enable manufacturers of smart devices, such as mobile phones and wearables, to create software-defined interactions beyond physical buttons and touchscreens. Combined with the company’s in-processor Gesture Engine, says the company, its platform is able to recognize, distinguish, and learn from a significantly larger set of complex gestures than any touch technology previously available.

“The way we interact with smartphones, has not evolved since the introduction of the iPhone over a decade ago,” says Sentons CEO Jess Lee. “Mobile devices, their users, and the imaginations of software and hardware developers, are locked into screens and physical buttons. Sentons brings a whole new level of interactivity to mobile devices, unlocking users, developers and manufacturers from these outdated confines.”

The SurfaceWave Processor works with the company’s Gesture Engine and Sensor Modules, which allow the precise identification of squeezes, light taps, swipes, slides, multiple touch points, and more – all at different speeds and a wide dynamic range of pressure levels. Integrating the updated technology, says the company, creates new touchscreen capabilities and unlocks interactive experiences to various consumer devices.

“Our use of ultrasonic technology gives our customers higher precision, greater flexibility and, most importantly, more freedom to extend interactivity to any surface in any shape,” says Lee. “We believe Software Defined Surfaces will be the catalyst for a new innovation cycle in consumer electronics, and smartphones will lead the way.”

Its ultimate goal, says the company, is to bring its Software Defined Surfaces (SDS) technology to every glass, plastic, and metal surface by combining ultrasonic transducers and ultrasonic strain-gauges. Using the platform, any consumer electronic, from a smartwatch to a car dashboard, can become interactive and definable by app and content creators.

Interested manufactures can contact the company for more information.


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