Unity to detail terabit memory architecture

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By eeNews Europe

Chevallier’s pape will introduce Unity’s memory cell designed into an ultra-dense vertical cross-point architecture that enables the coming "terabit generation" of 3-D resistance change memories, according to Unity. Unity (Sunnyvale, Calif.) maintains that it is developing CMOx as a non-volatile memory to replace NAND flash.

The technology is based on the use of new materials called conductive metal oxides. With the technology, Unity claims to have devised a passive rewritable crosspoint memory array that requires no transistors in a memory cell.But Unity has struggled since unveiling the technology in 2009, following years in development. The company announced in 2009 that it obtained $22 million in funding.

Earlier this year, Unity was reportedly rescued from severe financial hardship by a strategic investment from Micon Technology Inc. Micron declined to comment.


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