University of Warwick upgrades mmWave test platform for 5G

University of Warwick upgrades mmWave test platform for 5G

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By Wisse Hettinga

WMG will be using the mmWave Transceiver System from NI to expand their research from the traditional sub 6 GHz frequencies into the new mmWave spectrum and unlock significantly wider blocks of contiguous bandwidth. More bandwidth means higher data throughputs, which is already beginning to lead to a variety of new applications. For WMG, their specific interest is researching how mmWave communications can enable connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

CAVs will require 5G technology to be successful since existing LTE systems cannot deliver the  high latency required for Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) communications and data throughput required to send and receive data between sensors, the cloud, and other vehicles. V2V communications needs to be fast in order to be meaningful, latencies above the 1 ms stated goal of 5G will not give the vehicle enough time to react.

Large bandwidths are necessary to send and receive the massive amounts of data potentially sent between sensors, the cloud, and other vehicles. If all processing and sensor hardware lives on the vehicle itself, updates become extremely difficult since vehicles aren’t upgraded every 2 years like a cell phone. However, if vehicles can upload and download data from the cloud, this issue could be resolved. The processed data could then be downloaded by any connected vehicle, reducing the need to upgrade hardware inside the vehicle itself.


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WMG’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicles research team are already working with a range of industrial partners on connectivity, verification and validation, and the understanding and optimization of user/customer interaction with driverless technology.

A team of researchers led by Dr Matthew Higgins, Associate Professor at WMG, is now integrating the new 5G mmWave technology platform from NI into their current projects.


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