USB 3.0 hub controller achieves USB-IF certification

USB 3.0 hub controller achieves USB-IF certification

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By eeNews Europe

A USB 3.0 hub controller certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for the SuperSpeed USB 5 Gbps standard, the EZ-USB HX3 USB 3.0 hub controller offers robust interoperability, extensive charging support and full configurability, suiting it for docking stations, monitors, Ultrabook devices, digital TVs, set-top boxes, printers and servers.

The HX3 USB 3.0 hub controller offers a “Ghost Charging” feature for charging of devices without a host, and it also supports the USB-IF Battery Charging v1.2 specification and charging of Apple devices. HX3 is the first SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) hub controller to offer an Accessory Charger Adaptor Dock (ACA-Dock) feature, which enables upstream charging for portable devices with a USB On-The-Go (OTG) host. HX3 includes a Shared Link feature that enables up to eight downstream ports, allowing products such as docking stations and desktop monitors to connect with more USB peripherals using a single four port hub. HX3 offers full configurability via I2C EEPROM, I2C Slave and GPIO options, allowing designers to configure PHY drive strength, the number or downstream ports, power switch polarity, LED indicators and more. HX3 consumes 735 mW with all ports in operation at SuperSpeed data rates — claimed to be 50% less than competing solutions.

The CYUSB3328 4-port hub with Shared Link and the CYUSB3314 4-port hub with individual port power control are available in 88-pin QFN packages. The CYUSB3304 basic 4-port hub is available in a smaller footprint 68-pin QFN package.



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