USB controllers provide over-current protection

USB controllers provide over-current protection

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This results in more precise protection and increased design flexibility for today’s USB power designs. In addition, the ISL6185/6 come in industry standard packages for easy, drop-in replacement as well as a new, smaller package for saving even more board space.

The ISL6185 independently controls two power channels and features a pair of 71 milliohm P-channel power switches. Providing added design flexibility, each power channel is capable of protecting multiple USB ports. The ISL6185 provides continuous current at 0.6A, 1.1A, 1.5A and 1.8A levels.

Its high current limit capability supports USB 3.0 as well as USB 2.0. In addition, both devices feature automatic restart/retry after an over-current or transient event, ensuring continued operation without requiring additional monitoring. No user or system intervention is required to reset the devices, with automatic recovery when the load fault is cleared.

The ISL6186 USB power controller provides single channel over-current (OC) fault protection totaling up to 3.6A, allowing a single device to protect multiple USB ports. The device features a 45 milliohm P-channel MOSFET power switch for power control and continuous current options for 1.5A, 3A, and 3.6A. It also includes a Power Good output capability that provides supply status with no need for external components.

The new family consists of eight individual functional product variants and three package options. The family is rated for a nominal 2.5V to 5V range and specified over full commercial and industrial temperature ranges. Each device also features internal current monitoring, accurate current limiting, reverse bias protection and current limited delay to turn-off for system supply protection, along with control and communication I/O. Off-state supply current is one microAmp.

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