USB Type-C power delivery controller easy migration to Type-C

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Optimized for sink-only applications powered through a USB-C cable, the STUSB4500 is a certified standalone USB PD controller that can be easily customized by the end-user to suit the application.

Based on default power profiles (PDO) loaded in an internal non-volatile memory, the IC implements proprietary algorithms to negotiate a Power Delivery contract with a source without any internal support (Auto-run mode), making it the suitable device for automatic high-power-profile charging especially from a dead-battery power state. An application processor can then optionally and dynamically change STUSB4500 power profiles to force another negotiation.  

The STUSB4500 supports multiple options to manage multiple input power paths and irrelevant power sources. With this device on-board, numerous types of portable equipment from 15W to 100W can replace a product-specific charger with a standard USB Type-C connection. The STUSB4500 comes in the 4x4mm QFN24 package.

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