USB2.0 fixed focus camera module for smart parking

USB2.0 fixed focus camera module for smart parking

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By Nick Flaherty

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Innodisk has launched a camera module for smart parking management with high-quality image capture from a fixed focus.

The EV2U-SGR1 USB2.0 camera module from Innodisk allows smart parking meters to replace traditional manual enforcement methods, adding automatic license plate recognition and real-time monitoring. This not only optimizes space usage and enhances efficiency but also relieves the burden of manual enforcement.

The EV2U-SGR1 camera module has night vision capabilities as well as a wide field of view from a choice of lenses (D/H/V FOV:121°/102°/54°) that eliminates potential blind spots. Additionally, by eliminating false positives through Region of Interest (ROI) technology, the camera can focus solely on the vehicle itself, minimizing misjudgments caused by external factors.

A Fast Auto Exposure feature provides quick image capture while minimizing power consumption to extend the life of smart parking meters and also contributes significantly to sustainable and eco-friendly operations.

The EV2U-SGR1 Camera Module has customizable image quality adjustments from 1920×1080@30fps, ensuring optimal performance across a range of lighting conditions. Beyond smart parking, the EV2U-SGR1 camera module can be used for EV chargers, POS systems, ATMs, and kiosks. There is operating system support for Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS.

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