User-defined VI Chip PRM Modules can be simulated online

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The PowerBench online tool suite gives designers the flexibility to specify the voltage, current and protection parameters of their PRM module and immediately simulate their models in application-specific operating conditions.

Incorporating Vicor’s high-frequency ZVS buck-boost technology, customer-configurable VI Chip PRM modules can deliver up to 500 Watts at over 97% efficiency, at unprecedented power densities of up to 103W/cm3. Models are available in both full-chip and half-chip packages with input voltage ranges of both 36 – 75 V and 38 – 55 V, and, when used as a PoL buck-boost regulator, provides a user-defined output between 26 V and 52 V. When used with VI Chip VTM current multiplier modules, PRMs efficiently support output voltages from 0.5 V to 55 Vdc.

Vicor’s online PowerBench tools afford designers a fast and efficient pathway to customizing VI Chip PRM modules to meet their exacting requirements for high-power applications. Data sheets, part numbers and pricing information are provided for designers’ uniquely-configured devices, and devices are shipped to customers within 5 business days.

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