Using the cloud to make lighting smarter

Using the cloud to make lighting smarter

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Intelligent LED lighting systems company Digital Lumens has unveiled a suite of new products and cloud-based software designed to enable Intelligence Everywhere, a strategic framework for bringing Intelligent Lighting Systems to all types of commercial, retail and industrial environments.
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The Intelligence Everywhere framework aims to extend Digital Lumens’ LightRules energy monitoring and intelligence platform for use by enterprises with multiple sites. The platform can also be used to control other lighting products from other manufacturers.

Intelligence Everywhere makes it possible to optimize lighting efficiency, control, and utilization of a variety of environments including offices, retail, structured parking and other commercial spaces where lighting control and distributed sensing bring value and efficiency.

Intelligence Everywhere gives customers easy access to detailed metrics on lighting and key building performance indicators in individual or multiple facilities. The new framework features three strategic elements:

  • LightRules Insight
  • Digital Light Agents
  • Intelligent Linear LED fixtures

LightRules Insight
LightRules Insight is the new addition to the flagship LightRules facility-based energy and intelligence software family and is a cloud-based multi-facility management solution that provides an integrated view of operations and energy.  The software can be accessed from any Internet-connected browser and shows a dashboard overview of multiple installations in separate facilities. Using the dashboard a user may compare energy use patterns and history across installations.

For managers responsible for multiple sites, LightRules Insight provides a portfolio-wide window into key operational data and performance metrics. The tool for broad-based energy management and operational intelligence includes:

  • An intuitive dashboard view of all facilities;
  • Ability to compare efficiency and energy usage data from multiple facilities;
  • Highly secure, cloud-based architecture for reliability, access control, and seamless updating based on market and customer needs;
  • Easily sharable report links for organization-wide visibility into key metrics;
  • Convenient software as a service (SaaS) delivery, for seamless upgrades and pricing model in Standard, Extended and Enterprise Editions

Digital Light Agents

The Digital Light Agent product family is a stand-alone controls solution that that makes any fixture type from any manufacturer ‘LightRules Ready’ and part of an Intelligent Lighting System.

The DLAs can be supplied as fixture- and circuit-level adaptors as well as standalone, integrated, and recessed sensors. The devices are able to sense ambient light, occupancy, and temperature.  The DLAs can meter energy and enable full-range dimming.

DLAs encapsulate Digital Lumens’ patented intelligence, sensing, full-range dimming and wireless networking into a suite of standalone products that provide control over any fixture – LED or legacy – or group of fixtures. Adding DLAs to an existing fixture is claimed to be able to reduce a fixture’s energy usage by up to 90 percent and accelerate project paybacks – all while sharing data with LightRules for a comprehensive approach to lighting management and efficiency. With the flexibility to deploy at varying levels of granularity – from individual fixtures to circuits – DLAs support any environment and its particular needs.

Intelligent Linear LED fixtures
Digital Lumens’ LLE Family of linear LED fixtures provides 3,000 and 6,000 lumen output versions that serve a variety of commercial, industrial and retail applications.

The LLE tubes can be controlled singly or in groups. Sensors are able to monitor temperature, occupancy as well as ambient light.

“Our original vision of intelligent lighting as a platform for efficiency and distributed, building-wide intelligence has proven tremendously successful in the marketplace, and has been widely adopted,” said Mark Komenacky, Vice President of Marketing and Products of Digital Lumens. “With this new strategic framework, we are expanding the reach of our Intelligent Lighting System into a broad range of new commercial environments, and making the system applicable to large new customer markets where shorter paybacks will help accelerate LED adoption.”

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