UWB human sensor uses impulse radar to improve reliability

UWB human sensor uses impulse radar to improve reliability

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By Rich Pell

Its UWB impulse radar technology, says the company, can detect human presence and motion providing more accurate touch-free interaction with everyday products including laptops, smart refrigerators, and lighting. The Novelda UWB sensor works by detecting tiny movements to perceive human presence, and can sense human presence even if subjects are lying under a duvet or wearing several layers of clothing.

Measuring 12 x 12 mm, including antennas, the sensor is offered as the smallest and most accurate impulse radar sensor available. Causing no impact on product design, it can be completely hidden in a device and can operate through glass, plastic or wood.

“This next generation of human sensors designed for smart home and intelligent building automation will make environments more context-aware to improve interactive experiences, reduce the cost of powering a device when no one is around, and extend screen life by preventing unnecessary backlighting, reducing overall energy consumption,” says Jan-Bjørnar Lund, CEO, Novelda. “Our sensors have been evaluated in challenging real-world conditions and have demonstrated robust performance leagues better than other comparable solutions. UWB is going to drive the next revolution in wireless technology and we believe it will be as widely used as Bluetooth,”

Use cases for the UWB sensor include touchless-screen displays, lighting and HVAC control and wireless health monitors. In PCs, the sensor enable features such as auto wake-up and auto lock to increase security and extend battery lifel for lighting and HVAC room sensors save significant energy. The sensors can also be used for vital sign detection in baby and sleep monitors.

Key benefits of the company’s UWB sensor include:

  • Customizable sensitivity settings to detect a person walking, standing still, hand gestures or motion sensing and ability to detect submillimeter micro-movements such as breathing for human presence detection
  • High-precision ranging for accurate distance measurement and absolute range bounding based on patented impulse radar technology
  • Low power consumption below 2mW, and no co-existence issues with other sensors
  • Wide detection zone for accurate detection with up to 180-degree field of view; zone control can be configured up to 5m depending on use case
  • No impact on product design; 12mm x 12mm sensor can be hidden in product, sensor accurately tracks through plastic and glass or layers of clothing

Demo kits for the Novelda UWB X4F103 sensor are available upon request to select customers.



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